Who is this guy?


As much as I love food, I won't be bribed from food. Cooking Korean at home. Dine out the world.


Eats new frameworks and drinks new technical trends. Code in Sublime Text 3, iTerms 2, ZSH, Docker-Compose, Node.js, Python 3.


Always wear Fitbit gear just to value sleeping time. Willing to trade more sleep with food.

Hi there! I am a pure-bred Korean living in San Francisco, CA. Been doing some web development for many years, some Android projects, some data stuffs, and some occasions to pretend like a devops guy with beard.

This website is powered by Gatsby.js (A perfect companion for lazy engineer like me) and gatsby-starter-forty. Nice templates as you can see. Go check it out if you wanna customize your own.

Character stats

  • Python 3 + Django 2.x
  • ES6 + Node.js
  • React.js VS Vue.js
  • Webpack + Yarn
  • PostgreSQL ❤️
  • Golang + Java (Stalking on Kotlin soon-ish)
  • Docker & Docker-Compose
  • K8s + Helm (Swarm is ok)
  • Github & Git
  • Waffle VS Jira
  • CI/CD
  • Kibana
  • Terraform me please
  • Airflow VS Celery
  • ETL VS Pipeline
  • Kafka + Spark or Golang + Cassandra
  • To shard or not to shard, that is a question

Life is short and there is a plenty of technical stuffs for me to play around. I grow at my pace. I am all for preaching to others about my findings.




Somewhere in
San Francisco, CA
United States of America