Oh, Fullstack.


We are now living in a place where web app is now more popular than native desktop apps. Web is a must. From jQuery ajax to React ES6, web app has come a long way in a short time!

MVC -> Backend

First started with Wordpress, then went to PHP. I got lots of scars from PHP so I mingled with Ruby on Rails. It was cool but didn't feel good chemistry. Then I stumbled upon Django. We became best buddies ever since ;)

Now I am fully invested in Python 3.6 + Django 2.x + PostgreSQL via Docker and Kubernetes. I love Django REST Framework. PostGIS is cool. Django ORM is the best ORM in the universe. For small and medium projects, Django is going to be my backend choice.

MVC -> Frontend

Django was cool and all with jQuery in the past. Then boom! A guy named Ryan Dahl invented something called node.js. With ECMAScript movements and AngularJS racing first, Game of Thrones for Frontend began. I've done Angular 1.x before, and it was horrible yet powerful. When React.js came, my heart went all for it and still does. Vue.js is cool buddy of mine as well.

MVC -> Microservices?

I got interested in Microservices sometimes few years ago. That's where I've been investing myself to write pure Python/Go/JS modules better. With RPC protocols like gRPC or Thrift or full-fledge framework like Istio, my journey to Microservices still continues ;) I only wish if I could clone few copies of myself to write/maintain/deploy services.




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