Python + JS + Java + Go = ❤️

Love at first sight with Python 2. Loving Python 3 more.

Denied Node.js in the name of server langauge. Politically-corrected myself and accepted ES6 and Node.js

Android enthusiast since my first smartphone. Gone rogue to iOS. Homecoming back to Android.

Rock solid reliability. Elegant and powerful friend. Still befriending tho.

Made in Korea

Made in Korea

I was born in Seoul, South Korea. Now in San Francisco, US. Driven by new technologies. I dreamed. I planned. I did it.


Capturing world with eyes

As much as I love technologies and software, my eyes sometimes deserve a break from blue-light screens. It's how I get some rest. It's how I appreciate my lifestyle.


I live another day to eat. Food is the ultimate form of pleasure. Whether it is an experience or a simple delight, I feel living on every bite.




Somewhere in
San Francisco, CA
United States of America